Each of our rooms feature a different name and theme. “Roots” tells a story of our families Ornelas and Levi. Rooms like “Plumeria,” “Piña,” and “Calavera” celebrate our favorite plants and designs. Many rooms feature artwork by local artists. Your comfort is our goal, with premium bedding, air conditioning and fans, and other comforts of home.
  • Sol y Luna

    Sol y Luna is located between El Cielo and Santi´s Room, above the restaurant. This room pays tribute to the forces we count on day and night, the sun and moon. This powerful mural by Patricia Pagnucco evokes the strength and beauty of both. One of our largest rooms, Sol y Luna has a queen […]


    Raices is located above the restaurant, away from Polar street and overlooks the inner garden. Raices is one of our largest rooms and is perfect for families. It is our only room with a king size bed and also has a futon that converts to a double bed and an armchair, as well as a […]


    Posadas is located on the third floor of the hotel, on the Polar street side, overlooking the pool, and has two windows. Posadas are celebrations; most businesses have a posada near Christmastime for their employees. This room is a celebration of our family; our artist friend Emma Rubens made these beautiful stencils of papel picado, […]

    Santi´s Room

    Santi´s room is between Sol y Luna and Raices, above the restaurant. Our son loves nature and animals and the color blue; we asked our artist friend Emma Rubens to create a stencil based on that. We used to live upstairs from the restaurant and that´s where Santiago lived the first few years of his […]


    Talavera is on the first floor of the hotel, next to Lotería. This room pays tribute to the beautiful Talavera tiles that one finds in lots of Mexican haciendas all over the country. These hand-painted tiles come in many designs and colors; our artist friend Emma Rubens reproduced a giant one for the wall, covered […]


    Plumeria is located on the third floor of the hotel, next to the stairs and away from Polar Street. Plumeria is named for Morgan´s favorite flower, found everywhere in Hawaii; she used to climb the trees as a kid and the smell is an instant reminder of home. Here it´s called Flor de Mayo, although […]

    Pineapple Express

    Pineapple Express is on the third floor of the hotel, between Plumeria and Árbol de la Vida. We named this room for the movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco; we thought it was hilarious. And we like pineapple! The geometric mural is by Patricia Pagnucco. All of our Double rooms are equipped with a […]

    Octopus Garden

    Octopus Garden is on the first floor, between Posadas and Calaveras y Diablitos. We named this room for one of the favorite songs of Javier, the famous song by the Beatles. The massive mural is by English artist Alistair Campbell, who was visiting Tulum while we were getting the hotel ready. All of our Double […]

    Sueños Mexicanos

    Sueños Mexicanos is on the ground level, between El Mero Mero and Talavera. With iconic pictures on the game cards, we picked our favorites and our friend Emma Rubens created this beautiful wall. If you´re working on your Spanish this might be a good room for you! Sueños Mexicanos has a Queen size bed, and […]

    El Mero Mero

    El Mero Mero is on the first floor, on the Polar street side of the hotel, next to the pool. A play on words, El Mero Mero roughly translates to “That Very Fish.” Well, it works better in Spanish. We´re lucky to live in a place that still teems with beautiful fish like mero, or […]

    El Cielo

    El Cielo is located on the Polar street side of the hotel, above the restaurant. El Cielo is our cloud room – mostly white and one of our largest rooms, good for families. The gorgeous mural by Lucia Revilla Silva makes us feel like we´re sleeping on a cloud at sunrise or sunset, depending on […]

    Calaveras y Diablitos

    Calaveras y Diablitos is on the second floor near the stairs, away from Polar street and next to Octopus Garden. This room is named for a favorite song of Javier´s, by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, a very well-known song in Mexico. The fun stencils were made by Alistair Campbell, a visiting artist to Tulum from England. […]

    Árbol de la Vida

    Árbol de la Vida is a third-floor room, looking out on the pool and Polar street, with two windows. The Tree of Life takes many different forms, but always evokes the interconnectedness and intricate mystery of life and our place within our ecosystem. This mural, by our artist friend Emma Rubens and is a joyful […]